Chickpea tomato winter soup

Updated: Jun 18

This is a really easy and speedy soup I make when I am tired and racing around after a toddler and just honestly cant be "assed" cooking ( which actually isnt often because I find cooking very therapeutic ) believe it or not I actually used to HATE IT! ha ha. Anyways thats a whole other story. This soup is really delicious and you are getting so many powerful nutrients too without slacking and getting dirty takeaways ( dont do it ). I made this up with a medeterianinan inspo in mind. I hope you enjoy it!



Tin of organic tomatoes

Tin of organic chickpeas ( not in a tin is even better but If you dont have that, its ok )

Garlic x 3 tablespoons

Lemon/ Herb spice mix

Onion x 2

Cauliflower ( half of one )

Vege stock powder x 2 tablespoons

Cous Cous

Spinach ( large bunch )

Bonus: If you have been jucing and have saved your pulp from your vegetables. Mix this is at step 3 ( maybe about 2 cups of pulp ) .



  1. Get a large saucepan/pot. Place some olive oil in on medium/high heat. Once hot put the onion in there and let it cook for about 2 minutes

2. While onion is cooking steam the cauliflower in a seperate pot ( high to make it quicker ) once cooked place aside.

3. Add the garlic, tin of chickpeas and lemon/herb spice until this is all cooked ( about 5-10 mins ) Add in the vege stock powder and the tin on tomatoes. Simmer and cook for another 4 mins.

4. In a new pot place some olive oil on medium/high heat. Place a small bit of crushed garlic in there and salt to taste. Add 2 cups of water and bring to boil. Place your cous cous into the pot and mix through. Place a lid on the pot and put aside to cook and for the cous cous to soak up the water mix ( about 5 minutes ) once the cous cous is all fluffy, i add a small tablespoon of butter in and mix it all around/

5. Get you cauliflower and mix it into your large pot with the tomatoes/chickpeas etc and mix through.

6. Get your cooked Cous cous mix and place in to bowls to dish. Then pour your chickpea/tomato mix on the top of the cous cous. Add your spinach on top.

If you want to make some extra sauce to place on top. A yummy garlic/tomatoe sauce would go great with this recipe.

There you have it! A delicious/ healthy soup/ cous cous dish! Delicious!